♡ I love you ♡
niall and harry are very important to me
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@NiallOfficialya know when ya just feel soo lazy! And you literally wana do nothing. But you know you got stuff t do! I hate that ! Random.

"Mate, I’m always having a good time!"


The ability to stay quiet and observant will always be my greatest advantage in life.


Hi! So I finally decided to sell my drawings, since you guys ask me this quite often. if you want to buy any please contact me on dariemkova@gmail.com. You can buy any drawing for 30$ (if it’s not sold yet of course), payments are accepted via PayPal (sorry if it’s too expensive, but keep in mind that it’s original artwork and free international shipping included). Also if you want a commission- just ask. Have a great day everyone and thanks for the support😊 (ok now I feel awkward) #drawings